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Firefighters urge people to take care when cooking

Borough: All

Incident Date: 13 October 2014

FIREFIGHTERS are urging people to take care when cooking after a number of kitchen fires occurred over the weekend.


There were six house fires in just over 24 hours which kept firefighters busy around Greater Manchester.


Three incidents, two in Bolton and one in Manchester began after chip pans were left unattended.


At 9.30pm on Saturday, October 10, crew from Bolton Central and Bolton North stations were called after a report a flat on fire Bradford Street, Bolton, where it was believed someone was inside.


The fire was out on arrival, but the occupant of the flat had suffered burns to his hands and forehead in an attempt to put the blaze out.


The man was assessed at the scene by paramedics from North West Ambulance Service and taken to hospital for further treatment.


Bolton Central Watch Manager Ian Read, who was in charge of the incident, said:  “The use of chip pans is still a big issue for the fire service. 


“In an old fashion chip pan oil continues to heat up if left unattended, unlike oil in a modern deep-fat fryer where the temperature can be controlled.


“The man was very lucky - he could have suffered more serious burns. 


“Please use an alternative to a chip pan and make sure your cooking is never left unattended.”


On Sunday, October 11, just before 7pm firefighters from Bolton Central and Bolton North were called to Atherfield, after a report of a kitchen fire.


The fire involving a pan of food, which had been left unattended on a cooker, was extinguished by firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and using one hose reel.


The lady, who lived in the house, suffered burns to her arms and was taken to hospital by paramedics.


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