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Firefighters help man with head stuck in window

Borough: Bury

Incident Date: 07 September 2014

FIREFIGHTERS were called to an unusual rescue in the early hours this morning (September 7) after a man got his head stuck in a window.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service was called to Saxon Close, Bury, at around 4.15am.

Watch Manager Gary Stredder from Bury Community Fire Station said: "When we got the call we were expecting to find his legs hanging out the window but it was actually quite serious, as it was his head that was stuck. He was stood on a little window ledge and had he slipped he may well have broken his neck.

"He was trying to get access for his friend, so he had gone round the back, climbed onto the conservatory roof and found a narrow, open window which he put his head through and he couldn't get it back out again.

"His friends were desperately trying to help him when we arrived - they had smashed their way through the front door and were trying to saw through the plastic frame."

Firefighters quickly sprang into action, pitching a ladder to reach the 28-year-old, while a colleague went inside to saw through the steel work

Fortunately they quickly freed him and he was able to climb down the ladder to safety to awaiting paramedics.

Last update: 23/03/2016 08:19:36
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