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Greg's Story


DESPITE spending years training to be a mechanic Gregory Brunt found himself working as a baker in a supermarket.

Frustrated with doing the same things every day and desperate for a new challenge Greg saw an advert for a Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Prince's Trust Team and applied.

"I didn't really enjoy the work I was doing and I saw an advert for the Prince's Trust team in the paper. I applied for it and got a place.

"I threw myself into absolutely everything I could do there and a short while later they told me about the apprenticeship scheme. I grabbed it with both hands and the rest is history," he said.

Now working as an Apprentice Community Safety Advisor, Greg's life has been transformed and he credits GMFRS.

He said: "If I hadn't had found the Prince's Trust I would still be working in Asda going out of my mind.

"It was a big change from what I was doing before. It gave me a chance to be more creative and to do things I wouldn't have normally done.

"I feel like I'm happy to get up and go to work in the mornings now.  I'm not dreading work and I don't come back feeling angry like I used to when I worked in retail."

Greg spent four years training to be a mechanic, but because he didn't have any on the job experience he couldn't get a job.

He said: "I just couldn't get the work and that was mainly down to the fact I did a full time course rather than an apprenticeship - everyone wants someone who's been working in a garage."

This experience has helped him see the value of the GMFRS Apprenticeship Scheme.

"It gives you a good insight into the fire service, everyone take care of you and everything is set out so you can do your best. I've never worked anywhere that's given me the opportunities the fire service has.

"It took a while to get used to working for GMFRS, people start opening doors for you and things like that. It's the uniform more than anything."

"I feel very proud to wear the uniform," says Greg.

Greg wants to continue working for GMFRS after his apprenticeship is over, but he feels confident about getting a job anywhere else if he can't secure work after his apprenticeship.

He said: "I hope it works out I'm doing the best I can to ensure I secure a place when the apprenticeship is over.

"If that doesn't happen I feel like I'll leave with a decent amount of qualifications and experience to be able to apply for any job I see fit.

"If anyone was thinking about an apprenticeship with the fire service I'd say go for it - grab it with both hands."

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