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Everything that we buy eventually becomes our waste; to reduce the amount that we throw away we therefore need to reduce the amount that we buy. One way that we are looking to do this is to buy more efficiently, purchasing products that can be returned to the manufacturing process at the end of their life to either be remade into the same product again or to be recycled into something new.

We’re also buying items that are designed to have a longer life and our new Fire Fighting kit is our first example of this. With a tunic and trousers made out of fabric panels, it means that any damage incurred to the item no longer requires the whole garment to be disposed of with just the one damaged panel able to be replaced.    

We aim to reduce the amount of waste we generate going to landfill and one way we do this for technical equipment is by donating it. This is through an ethical organisation called Florian, who donate the engines, hoses and protective equipment to countries in need. In recent years the equipment has been sent to Macedonia and Moldova, where the local fire service is trained by a team of fire fighters from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue.

97% of all our waste is now recycled or processed into refuse derived fuel. Only 3% ends up in landfill. The introduction of multifunctional printers has cut paper wastage, saving 340,000 sheets each year. In fact the Service now uses 50% less paper than five years ago.

Last update: 20/02/2017 10:22:54
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